The Sexiest Words to Say to A Woman

The Sexiest Words to Say to A Woman

Relationships are something special. They have all the elements as they are funny, serious and sometimes bizarre: One partner can be sailing along pondering that everything is just fine and the other can be twisting up from the inside. While one partner is quite sure they are on the right track, the other partner keeps wondering, “Why don’t we talk anymore?” and every so often that is not the case, it is the female partner who craves her partner more—more verbal communication, more intimacy, more acknowledgment of the fact that you are committed to her joy. That is why there are specific sexy things you can say to your wife or girlfriend that mean way more to her than a usual “I love you.”

The reason for this situation is straightforward: Women are talkers. Research show that an average woman says around 6,000 words a day. On the other hand, an average man mumbles just 1,500. It is that difference between the verbal styles and needs of both genders that can turn a relationship once filled with passion, love and sex into yesterday’s boring broccolis.

Few researchers suggested that they could forecast with 90 percent accuracy that if the couple will divorce or stay happily married simply by pay attention to them or talk for a few minutes. A simple rule of keeping a women happy is to talk more, share about your life more, and be more honest with her about your emotions. Here are the sexiest words to say to a woman that will get the vital, affectionate conversations ongoing.

  1. “I am so happy that we are together.”

Every long term relationship is a gala of two people surviving despite the odds. The longer the two of you will stay together, the more couples you will get to know who didn’t make it as far. A recent survey asked 1,000 women for the key element in determining whether or not they will have an intercourse with a partner: Forty-six percent replied “it all depends where the relationship is headed to”.  To renew her need for you, and affirm how much she means to you, make her notice the commitment you have made to her.

  1. “I realize how vital this is to you.”

Women measure the strength of a relationship by how well you try to understand them. One of the best techniques to understand your partner is not to spring onto a conclusion or divert your attention whenever she is concerned about anything. As a replacement for saying “here is the solution for this,” just hear her out and recognize that you understand her worry, even if you don’t agree with it. Paying attention and understanding are powerful proofs of how much you love her.

  1. “Want to hear how my presentation went?”

When your wife or girlfriend asks how your day went, she never wants to listen “fine, and yours?”. She needs details rather than a highlight reel. To capitalize on the effectiveness, structure things in relation to your emotional responses. She wants to hear you converse about how you feel in the best possible manner. You will be astonished at what effects expressing your feelings can have on the level of intimacy between you.

  1. “Tonight should just be about you.”

When the both of you have some private time together, make the most of it. In bed, concentrate on each other and the moment as much as possible, regardless if it leads to sex or not. Avoid bringing critical discussions into the bed. These are the most important minutes in your relationship which you need to utilize.

  1. “I have been daydreaming about making you feel good.”

Here is a big shocker: When it comes to sexual imaginations, women are more self-centered than men. In a study conducted by a group of researchers consisting of 75 men and 67 women ages 20 to 50, more than two-thirds of the men said they visualized about pleasing their partners, while more than half of the women pictured about their own pleasure. This shows that women focus more on themselves in fantasy since in reality the pleasure of man is top priority.

  1. “Let’s go somewhere.”

By carefully timing your wife’s menstrual cycle, you could have simple access to her sex calendar. Once you get to know it, time your idealistic weekends in view of that. Ovulation raises testosterone levels, which makes a lot of women very horny through their most fertile days. A recent survey of several sexually active women revealed elevated levels of testosterone and an average increase in the frequency of having sex during the 6 days leading up to each woman’s ovulation.

  1. “I will join you in shower.”

Many women need a change between dealing with the pressure of work along with domestic life and feeling sexual. A few minutes of foreplay is normally not enough. After being with a woman for quite a time, men incline to start foreplay for few minutes only, but on average, a woman takes more than 20 minutes to achieve an orgasm. A warm bath is a good place to start.

  1. I love your smile.”

A woman must feel beautiful in order to feel sexy. Women get excited by words. “You look beautiful” is a decent compliment. But follow up by flattering her on something that is distinctive to her, like her smile or her freckles. This convinces her that you find her beautiful, as compared to any other woman in the world.

  1. “I have always fantasized it would be amusing if you didn’t use your hands.”

During the phase when both of you are on the same tide and you want to take things to the next level, ponder pushing the limits a bit. A research found that majority of women were fascinated by light bondage. The key is to keep the adventure positive.

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