The Reasons Why We Cheat

The Reasons Why We Cheat

Cost of Cheating


Cheating is harmful — it can lead to scars, break-ups, separations and even aggression. So why do people do it? Till this date the question troubles devotees and intrigues researchers, with a fresh study giving an insight on some sobering findings. The study stated that a person could be doing a lot of right things yet their partner could still be desirous to betray you for reasons that have nothing to do with you or the worth of sentiments you share. It is something you cannot control even despite how much efforts, love and time you are willing to dedicate. Cheating is a disease which has plagued many relationships but can you identify a cheat? Although each relationship is distinctive, in 2018 a group of love researchers studied why people are disloyal. The study found out that there are many factors that point out why a person is more likely to betray their significant other. It is something every person should reflect upon as they contemplate about their relationships. Ever since the start of this world, there is this one big myth related to relationships. The myth is that people suppose that if their partner cheated, there is something which is not right in their relationship which further complicates the matter. We acknowledge the fact that there is a triggering problem in every relationship but that is not necessarily the circumstance. No one should blame themselves or their efforts in the relationship due to the infidelity of their partner. Even if your relationships smooth and everything is going just fine mentally, physically and spiritually. It is human nature to desire for more. So even if you are providing your partner with one of the most thrilling sex experience, you cannot stop them from cheating on you simply because of their lust for more pleasure which they seek elsewhere. Betrayal is one of the most upsetting things you can go through in a loving relationship, so it is very significant to comprehend why lovers are driven to be unfaithful. A survey carried out by a popular dating site based on accounts from more than 450 people who had deceived and betrayed their partner, found eight simple motives for infidelity. Most of the participants were young, 21 years old on average, but their causes for straying are mutual themes that could apply across all ages. Here are the reasons why we cheat on our partners:


Eight Reasons Why


  1. Lack of affection


We all might have heard that you cheat when you don’t love someone. This could be described as feeling that your companion is not made for you as you are no longer feeling passionate about your love life or even falling out of love. Identifying the relationship to be boring, lackluster or motionless also contribute to the fact that why we look elsewhere for the same amount of love and affection


  1. Sexual desire


Many people may feel displeased with the sex life they have in their relationship is perhaps because their partner has lost interest in them or they want to experiment something fresh that your partner is not willing to. According to recent revelation made by a group of scientist which has shocked many. It is stated in their concluding report that people who have had greater numbers of sexual partners, or have impulsive inclinations, are more likely to cheat and turn their back on their loved ones. In addition to this, those people who have had a lot of sexual partners in the past are prone to be disloyal and look out for other sex partners since they believe that they have acquired certain “skills” in the area, according to the sex therapists.



  1. Negligence

Sensing that your companion is not paying sufficient attention to you or not giving you enough time. It might be a sign that your partner is not interested in you anymore and that is why he/she is not making you feel appreciated.


  1. Circumstances


When you are in a different scenario or not in your normal situation for example when you are on a holiday, a little tipsy or under a lot of stress, the circumstances and situation have a lot of impact on whether your partner will cheat or not. Your partner might cheat if you are caught up in some work or they might cheat when you are out partying with your friends.


  1. Variety


Everyone lives by the saying “You only live once,” so it is no surprise that a lot of people want to try variety of sexual acts with as many companions as possible.


  1. Lack of commitment


The lack of commitment is considered an important reason for infidelity and betrayal. Since commitment is considered as a symbol of willingness of that person to make the relationship work regardless of the circumstances, the lack of it or low commitment is a sign of a weak fragile relationship which not many people want to associate with themselves and hence cheat since they are not bounded by any promises or limitations.

  1. Esteem


According to a research done in the US, many people who have cheated at least once in their lifetime stated that they feel sleeping with others improved their sense of self-worth and signaled their freedom alongside increasing their social status and fame.


  1. Anger


Just like revenge porn, revenge sex is also a thing which has plagued many healthy relationships. Young men, who are rash, often betrayed their partner by sleeping with someone else to teach their partners a lesson. Such mentality is one of the main reason why people cheat on their spouses.



Men are more likely to cheat and list reasons which will have some sort of connection with their sexual desires, while women mainly cheated because they felt neglected. However, this was the case for the general public and every individual has his/her own reasons to cheat on their partners.

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