Several Sexual Intercourses with Our High-Class Escorts

High-Class Escorts

Bangkok-Playmates decided to take reviews and sex stories from their clients. Although here we will put up several sexual intercourses with our High-class escorts but will surely not reveal the client’s identity as per our contract. We have many clients and from those hundreds and thousands of clients a few were comfortable enough to share their sex stories with us. The clients would be referred from their pet names that they have chosen. Let’s get on the ride and see some erotic and lusty stories.

Mr. Hooker M and his experience with his top rated escort model

Mr. Hooker M starts by saying, and I booked a hooker escort from Bangkok-playmates. To be really honest, it was the best decision I could ever make. I was always fond of kinky sex plays and I couldn’t live my fantasy until I met my kinky escort from this top rated escort agency. As we went into my hotel room, my teen escort changed totally. She changed into a sexy skin fit latex costume and as we already had planned our night on our dinner date and she already knew that I had a kinky fantasy. She came to me like a cat and then I grabbed her and tied handcuffs in her hand. First we did some oral stuff and later I put my dick inside her tight pussy. If I were to be honest, her moans turned me on more and more. We kept doing for hours. I asked her if I can take another shot in her mouth and would she want to swallow my cum, she got happy and excited. I will surely regard this as the best experience ever with my hobby hooker escort.

Mr. Orgasm99 and his BDSM experience with his BDSM escort

Mr. Orgasm99 has become a very frequent and regular customer of this reliable escort agency. However, he shares his first ever experience. I was new and I didn’t know about much escort agencies. So, I chose to give this verified escort agency a chance. It turned out to be a wonderful experience. I wasn’t even expecting that it would be such a pleasurable experience. While I took my paid sex date on a lunch, I told her all about my BDSM fantasy, to which she got excited and asked what do I Like the most. I told her that I need an oral without condom and then I would want to lock you on a sex swing and become your dominant daddy. At that time, she got so excited and thrilled. Later we came in my hotel room. My escort with latex and rubber costume changed into her slave costume. I was waiting for her to change on the couch. The washroom door opened and I saw my submissive escort getting down on her knees and she came crawling to me. First she gave me a good sloppy blow job and later I tied her and had my BDSM fantasy fulfilled.

Well these were just two experiences out of several experiences. Stay tuned to see more experiences. If you are also one of our client, you can also share your story and get featured discreetly

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