Purchased Love – Why Men Like To Pay For Sex

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Is It Worth the Money?


One of the main reason why men like to pay for sex is that they enjoy it. After all, people are usually ready to pay for fun filled activities they enjoy as much as they relish sex. On the other hand, a guy can generally take part in a sexual encounter for free if he is in an ordinary intimate relationship. So the biggest question is to why pay a huge sum for it especially considering the social and health concerns of having sex with a hooker? Are all men so unattractive that they cannot get their desires fulfilled in any other manner? Most culture scientists do not agree with this. They believe that men come from all social backgrounds and economic classes. Men could have variety of personalities and jobs for example they could be stock agents, cab drivers, professors, priests or government officials. Many are even married and have children. According to many researchers, there are little or no social qualities that essentially differentiate a guy from other men. Not all of these men are defined by clear personality issues. In a survey carried out in 2017, around 500 men took a personality test and found no specific abnormalities. The only connection found in the survey was the risk of unprotected sex. For example, the men who preferred sex without condoms scored higher on aggression, and wedded and well-to-do men indulged in unprotected sex more regularly than others did. The group of researchers who conducted the survey deduced that men are vulnerable to unprotected sex if they are financially stable and have no supervision risks. The survey highlights the variety of men who pay for sex. Accordingly, these people seek the services of an escort model for diverse reasons. Some of them may indeed be motivated purely by sexual desire. In another study by a group of sex therapist found out that many men who pay for sex are either sexually frustrated since they are not receiving satisfying pleasure or guys who want to experience their erotic fantasies in a discreet way without being judged. Similarly, a lot of men go to sex workers to calm down a sexual appetite. Many men feel no restriction to when it comes to commercial sex rather than with their wives or girlfriends, allowing them to develop their sexual range and to experience greater erotic contentment.


Other Important Reasons


Some researchers believe that passionate and emotional drives among the men as one the reason why they pay for sex. According to their study, the men who pay for sex seem to be hunting the perfect love in an open environment. Most men rated the sex workers they were involved with as “charming” and “open.” Some also believed that these women were “intelligent” and “witty.” Many of the men described escort ladies as the symbol of perfect woman whom they would like to get to know better. Such men have emotionally charged affairs with sex workers. They describe these relationships as personal despite their business nature and restricted scope. The conduct of male customers during their meetings with sex girls also may suggest that they pursue a social connection with them. Many of the hookers have claimed that men who pay for their sexual services often ask unsubtle questions such as “Where do you belong from?” or “Is Lana your actual name?” before and after the act. As if to carry on their “so called relationship,” many, if not most men, have a preference to go back to the same sex worker over and over again. According to a recent study, more than two thirds of such men availed the sexual services of a specific prostitute more than 60 times. One in four indulged with the same escort for more than 90 times. Why is this so common? This is because an ordinary female companion might rebuff a man or happen to be exhausted, detached or simply not in the mood. On the other hand, sex workers usually accept their clients unconditionally and offer intimacy on demand regardless of how they are feelings. They offer men physical and emotional involvement, mental stability and compassion. Due to such reasons, ordinary males avail the services of hookers to deal with their emotional lack of self-confidence as well as their sexual needs. In another shocking revelation by many men who paid for sex, a number of them went to a prostitute just for revenge. Yes, you read that right. Revenge sex was one of the most important reason why men availed sexual services of a hooker just so they can jealous their ex or get over them by having a pleasing time with their model. Revenge sex, in recent times has been increasing with many young men going through this phase as they see sex with a prostitute as a short term solution. While some men may be habitual. This includes everything ranging from the habit of having sex or the habit to spend an erotic time with the same partner. Whenever your habits or desire is being discussed, money does not matter. Such is the case with these men also as they did not care of how much and how frequently they are paying just for few pleasurable moments. Some clients may even have a social scheme to go along with their personal likings. For many of them, a hooker’s bed epitomizes the last stronghold of antifeminism. Only there can men rebuild the outdated male supremacy over women. Providing to such men, brothels in nations where these places are legal, auction women like products on their Web sites. On the other hand, nudist clubs in countries such as Germany appeal customers with exclusive deals such as for a fixed price, men can have sex with any of the model present. All of this sums up why men go for purchased love.


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