How Often Do Women Masturbate?

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How Often Do Women Masturbate?


Masturbating is utterly normal and as it helps you understand about what your body truly needs, it can significantly improve your sex life. Regardless of the fact that a number of people masturbate, a lot of them still don’t discuss about it adequately. A survey was held by a group of researcher about masturbation practices of people and why they engage in it, and the impact that it has on their relationship along with much more factors. The survey stated that there was a certain difference between the genders. It is no secret that women masturbate. The general conception about masturbation that people have about it as a male activity only. As a matter of fact, women love to masturbate. Women masturbate, they watch porn, and a lot of them like hardcore action. In fat, women have a high sex drive but you will be surprised to know that females masturbate on average seven times per month or roughly about twice a week as compared to men who masturbate about 16 times a month, or in most cases, every single day! This disparity in the average is due to the fact that not many women masturbate as frequently as men as the guys have an orgasm every time they masturbate as compared to women who need more than 15 minutes of sexual pleasure to achieve an orgasm. For a lot of people, it is the urge that plays an important role in self pleasure. It is all about whatever works the best for you. Let us explore the various factors about women and masturbation

Why Do Women Masturbate? What are the Benefits?


Majority of women have masturbated at some point of their life. Although many women masturbate, you will be astonished at the fact that around 68-81% of women have masturbated at least once in their lifetime. So even though most people understand that women are just as sexual as men, some still just don’t get it. Men, on the other hand, have a ratio of 90% which shows that regardless of the gender, self-pleasure is something which everyone loves. Moreover, nearly a third of women prefer masturbation over sex. According to a recent study, a lot of women said that they find masturbation more pleasant than having sex with another person, bad news for men. Sex is always memorable if it is good. Despite of all your efforts, if your partner is not performing on the same level then sex is bound to be uneventful. While masturbating, you control the pace and all other factors which leads to more satisfaction than indulging in sex. Sex can be bad and it can get worse however masturbation is always enjoyable than bad sex, because at least you are receiving the amount of pleasure you want. Masturbating increases the flow of blood throughout the body and releases brain chemicals called endorphins which helps you to feel good. Despite the fact that men are expected to boast about blowing off stress by masturbating, many research suggests that masturbation is a stress reliever for all genders. Not only this but masturbation helps improves your sex life. Masturbation can make you sexually eased and calm. Trying something which feels good and makes you react positively can lead to improved sexual experiences regardless if you are alone or with a partner. If you have difficulty reaching an orgasm, masturbation is a secretive and a stress free way to experiment different varieties of touch and pressure to see what helps you achieve an orgasm. Research conducted by several scientist shows that masturbation can help many women see changes during menopause. Not many people know but the vagina can in fact get narrow, which can make sexual intercourse and vaginal exams more agonising. But masturbation, particularly with a water based lubricant, can assist in prevention of narrowing, boost the flow of blood, relieve some tissue and increases sexual urges of a woman. The best thing about masturbation is that it doesn’t have to be rushed or end with an orgasm every time. Masturbation is not simply a “quickie” experience. It is more than a sexual act as it helps you explore your body and getting to know it. Rushing can make anything less pleasurable, and so can concentrating too much on achieving an orgasm. Give yourself ample time to feel all parts of your body or experiment with different positions and never feel the pressure to climax.

Ways for Self Pleasure



Using our imagination is the most popular way for women to get going. A lot of women from all over the world enjoy immersing themselves in an erotic imagination to get themselves in the mood. According to a survey conducted by a group of scientist in the US last year, the most prevalent fantasies were having sex with multiple people or engaging sex with a renowned person. Erotic fantasies were tightly followed by watching porn with a lot of females saying they view adult films as a part of their masturbation habit. With a variety of fitting and feminist porn available online, it is quite unsurprising why so many women love to watch porn. However, men are almost twice as likely as females to view adult content when they masturbate. Almost every other woman owns a sex toy. There is no doubt that sex toys have helped people improve their sex life as it adds fun and excitement in sex while increasing the amount of sexual pleasure they receive. Women, in particular, own more sex toys than men and seemingly enjoy it. Maybe women just really know how to use them. More than millions of women use a sex toy intended for penetration, which comprises both vibrating and non-vibrating variations, while other use sex toys which are meant for penile stimulation. Guess a lot of women are preferring sex toys over their fingers or the tongue and penis of their possible partners.


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