Fire and Ice – An Oral Sex Technique She’ll Never Forget

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Fire and Ice


Playing with temperature might sound a little intense, but introducing elements of hot and cold in your sex life is in fact quite easy. To get started, all you need is a container of ice or a glass of hot water. You must be wondering how temperature has an effect on sex? Apart from the apparently erotic thought of moving an ice cube all over your lips and then rolling it on your partner’s body, what does introducing fire and ice actually do to your sex life? It is all about the consciousness of it. When temperature is negotiated and played with, the human brain starts to get ready for a erotic and thrilling experience, and basically introduces nerve endings not only in your erogenous zones but also throughout your body which doubles your fun. It is no secret that not everyone is going to be attracted by temperature amusement. And if you are not into fascinated by it, never feel like that you have to engage in it. Playing with temperature can be fun, but not being interested in ice or heat does not make you dull in bed. Some people completely despises cold. So they will never find it erotic if you pulled out a bowl jam-packed of ice, and that is perfectly okay. If you are fascinated by it then using ice or fire can be a fun way to blend up your typical sex routine. Another tip for you is to contemplate blindfolding your partner on the receiving end of the temperature act. Limiting their clear vision can make the sensation of hot and cold more intense. But similar to many kinks, playing with temperature can range from mild to possibly dangerous. So if you are a novice then start gently. You would not like to dive in the more intense acts of temperature play such as fire play and branding. Instead, try the tips listed below.

Place your dildo in the fridge or dip it in a glass of hot water

Particular sex toys, such as the ones made up from glass or steel, are famous for temperature play as they hold both heat and cold inside them very well. You can relax while your toy in is the freezer or you could warm up a cup of water and dip it in for some time to heat it up. However, be careful as you don’t want to stick a scorching hot or a blistering cold at your sex organ. Set the dildo against your skin to check if it is a comfy temperature before you make use of it.

Drip ice cream

Why not make a unique blend of food play and temperature play? In order to do this, all you need is a dripping ice cream or some whip cream. Drip or spray the sweet delight over your partner’s body. They will get to experience a fun cold feeling as it touches their skin and then a nice warm sensation when you will be licking it off them. Sure, experimenting with food can be sticky but it also one of the most amazing feels. Nevertheless, you need to take of few things such as if either partner has a vagina, be cautious not to take the ice cream near their vulva. With too much sugar, there is a threat of yeast infection, and no one wants that.

Oral sex feels amazing with a warm mouth

Before you give a head to someone, try to warm up your mouth as it will provide a thrilling sensation to whoever you may please with it. You must be thinking the ideal and safe ways to make your mouth warm? You can do that with hot tea, coffee, or any other hot drink you prefer to consume. However, again, sugar close to the vagina can cause yeast infections. But you could still use coffee or black tea as they will make your mouth hot without any fear of sugar.

Experience playing with Ice

This is possibly the most apparent tip, but it is also one of the most multipurpose one. An ice cube will help cool your mouth whenever you plan to perform oral sex. Moreover, it will also help to drip melted cold water over your partner’s figure. Furthermore, you can also rub the ice on their boobs focusing on the nipples, and lots of other fun activities if you know how to be creative. Despite it being fun, you need to be cautious because there might be a chance that your ice could extra cold than you would like it to be. It would be a re-enactment of the scene in “A Christmas Story” in which the kid sticks his tongue to a metal pole. Just like that, a really cold ice cube could glue to your partner’s skin or even your skin. But there is an easy way to fix it. Firstly, you need to take some ice out and let it warm up a bit in a bowl or put the cube in your mouth and cool it down with your body temperature.

Heat up your lube or cool it down

If you are an admirer of lube, well who isn’t, then you can use your preferred lube for pleasure acts of temperature. It is no surprise that if lube is at body temperature, we are not feeling it. All we are sensing is the penetration, the thrust or the vibration. However, if you add that extra ingredient, that extra surprise of fire and ice, that takes things to another sensual level. Place your lube in the freezer for a few moments to cool it down a bit. You could also use a lube warmer. Exactly the situation with your sex toys, you would not want to get your lube too hot or cold. Few drops on your wrist would help you judge the temperature


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