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What Are the Best Sex Positions for A Small Penis?

Does Size Matter? According to a survey conducted in 2016, the average penis size is 5.20 inches. If your penis drops short of that scale, then according to the results, you are on the smaller than normal side. But never panic: for most women, that is not what matters the most. As a matter of […]

5 Surprising Qualities Women Find Extremely Attractive in Men

Attractive Men There are various instructions and tricks as to how you can appeal a woman. Maybe it is your perfume, or a fantastic sports car. But, these facts are pretty evident and not every man can manage to pay for costly colognes and cars. It may come as a shock to few, but you […]

Top 3 Orgasmic Sex Toys for Men

Toys Made for Adults   There are plenty of explanations why men are not fascinated by the thought of using sex toys alone or with their partners. General shyness, the annoyance of dusting and cleansing, and the irritating element that sex toys intended for men often look like malformed alien limbs making them one of […]

The Sexiest Words to Say to A Woman

Relationships are something special. They have all the elements as they are funny, serious and sometimes bizarre: One partner can be sailing along pondering that everything is just fine and the other can be twisting up from the inside. While one partner is quite sure they are on the right track, the other partner keeps wondering, “Why […]

The Reasons Why We Cheat

Cost of Cheating   Cheating is harmful — it can lead to scars, break-ups, separations and even aggression. So why do people do it? Till this date the question troubles devotees and intrigues researchers, with a fresh study giving an insight on some sobering findings. The study stated that a person could be doing a lot of […]

Sex Drive Foods – 5 Foods That Really Boosts Your Sex Life

What the heck is a sex drive food?   Study has shown all kinds of lifestyles lead to impressive sex, from routine exercise to just being nice. But your diet perhaps has the biggest effect on how your body tasks, so why not add nourishments linked with libido benefits to your platter to maintain your sex drive gladly […]

My Perfect Affair – How I’m Getting Away With It

Is Adultery Beneficial?   Love and happiness are surely significant in every person’s life especially in his/her marriage. However, both of these things are also important to a person when he is having an affair. Some have flings while some have a full fledge affair. People have affairs for all types of reasons and in […]

Purchased Love – Why Men Like To Pay For Sex

Is It Worth the Money?   One of the main reason why men like to pay for sex is that they enjoy it. After all, people are usually ready to pay for fun filled activities they enjoy as much as they relish sex. On the other hand, a guy can generally take part in a […]

How Often Do Women Masturbate?

How Often Do Women Masturbate?   Masturbating is utterly normal and as it helps you understand about what your body truly needs, it can significantly improve your sex life. Regardless of the fact that a number of people masturbate, a lot of them still don’t discuss about it adequately. A survey was held by a group of […]

Fire and Ice – An Oral Sex Technique She’ll Never Forget

Fire and Ice   Playing with temperature might sound a little intense, but introducing elements of hot and cold in your sex life is in fact quite easy. To get started, all you need is a container of ice or a glass of hot water. You must be wondering how temperature has an effect on […]

Cuckolding & Hotwifing Sex Trend Among Married Couples

  Sharing is Caring   They say sharing is a symbol of care and peace. With that in mind, it is spreading love when you are sharing your partner if you are fascinated by the thought of cuckolding, Hotwifing or wife sharing. There are many numerous types of non-committed relationships each of them with their […]

Best Positions for G-Spot Orgasms

G-Spot Stimulation   We are always overhearing that we could be having worthier sex, an amazing orgasm, or a healthy relationship. Now, on to today’s topic: the best sex positions for G-spot orgasms. First, a swift briefing for those of you who have not up till now experienced the delights of G-spot play: The G-spot is found on the […]

Everything You Wanted To Know

The Female Orgasm   Orgasm is not just about enjoyment. It is also a significant aspect of females’ health as it activates the release of the hormones, which aids the body to relax, reduce anxiety, help counter depression, and offer chances for proper physical and mental maturity. Orgasms can help get rid of pain. When […]

Attractive Men

There are various instructions and tricks as to how you can appeal a woman. Maybe it is your perfume, or a fantastic sports car. But, these facts are pretty evident and not every man can manage to pay for costly colognes and cars. It may come as a shock to few, but you in reality […]

Black Beauties

Gifted in the art of eroticism and seduction, our Black Escort Ladies Bangkok possess an unquenchable hunger for gratifying clients. The darkest berries have the sweetest juice and this is mainly the case for our Black escorts. These busty, dark and erotic women are always ready to have the most memorable experience with you. These […]

Several Sexual Intercourses with Our High-Class Escorts

Bangkok-Playmates decided to take reviews and sex stories from their clients. Although here we will put up several sexual intercourses with our High-class escorts but will surely not reveal the client’s identity as per our contract. We have many clients and from those hundreds and thousands of clients a few were comfortable enough to share […]

European escort reports on her first paid sex date

European escort reports on her first paid sex date Bangkok Playmates Escort has brought to you a fresh experience of a newly shifted European escort girl, Lola who got her first client after getting enrolled with Bangkok Playmates Escort agency. If you don’t know what it is, then allow us to provide you with the […]