Cuckolding & Hotwifing Sex Trend Among Married Couples

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Sharing is Caring


They say sharing is a symbol of care and peace. With that in mind, it is spreading love when you are sharing your partner if you are fascinated by the thought of cuckolding, Hotwifing or wife sharing. There are many numerous types of non-committed relationships each of them with their own guidelines and regulations, but the basis of such relationship is about sharing your companion with other partners that provides entertainment for everyone. Both, who is taking part and the one watching will enjoy the experience. There are a lot of men, of all ages, who are passionate about Cuckolding and Hotwifing. As a matter of fact, they enthusiastically plot their own cuckolding, because they are excited by hearing about or witnessing the infidelity of their faithful partners. Such fantasies are about the man who agree to get married to a woman who is disloyal and watch her betraying him. It comes as a surprise that there is a huge number of men who fantasise about cuckolding and hotwifing. This intriguing subcategory of swinging and kink is the third most frequently searched phrase by heterosexual porn viewers on English-language search engines. An analysis by a top porn website showed that the phrase “cheating wife” emerged as one of the top five most popular categories of adult films amongst straight men in 2017. Since that research, searches for “disloyal wife porn” have multiplied, according to renowned search engines. So this shows the cuckolding and hotwifing sex trend among married couples. Cuckolding, hotwifing and wife sharing all comprises of a female companion having sex with other men. The guy is aware and accepting the fact that his partner is having an intercourse with another guy. To watch it or not depends upon the man. With wife sharing you may take part in an erotic foursome. Cuckolding is a little altered as in that acts involves some aspect of humiliation. You may possibly be tied up as your partner engrosses in sex, you may well be insulted or have to face offensive remarks especially about your penis size. There is some evident appeal in this for females, but you might be questioning why men would be fascinated by this or even consider this as a sexy kink. Some men, who enjoy such act, described some of the benefits of hotwifing as “like viewing live porn where you are passionate about the adult actress and then you get to have sex with her”. While enacting scenes from porn films may interest few people, there is also a theory backed by science that supports why some guys find cuckolding or hotwifing as a sexy fantasy– and it is called ‘sperm competition’. After seeing a partner have sex with someone else, evolution begins to take place, and ensure that once they are done, your sperm has the best chance at making her pregnant. As reported by many women, there were clear thrills for both partners. Some females even share their experience as a power trip, and the adrenaline rush and an upsurge in sexual drive that just builds up the mood and momentum of her partner to give both of them immense pleasure.


Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea


As you can visualize, for those thinking to experiment this sort of thing out with their partners, there are a number of factors that you need to consider before having a go at it.  First of all, you need to be really open with your partner. We advise you to be honest with your partner and be aware that turning fantasy into reality can be challenging. So before you try to perform such act, make sure you have measured all the steps like how you will reduce the risk of things going out of hands. Both of you need to feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire experience. Even though the aspect of ‘danger’ is part of the fun, decide all the restrictions before you move ahead. You may also need to establish some boundaries about frequency, duration of the encounter, if any sexual acts which your partner is uncomfortable with, and make certain when to call it stop it. Ensure that everyone is indulging in safe sex. You might also want to have everything sorted out as when, even one of you, want to pull the plug on a sexual encounter. If you are going to be gagged or prohibited from talking, take steps which will help identify the displeasure of your partner. Lastly but importantly, although cuckolding has been discussed as ‘cheating eroticized’, if you have honest uncertainties and worries about infidelity, then we will advise you not to take part in cuckolding or hotwifing at all. But if you and your partner feel confident and have no concerns then go ahead and get cucked. Men who identify as cucks and like to see their having sex with other men may hide to watch the action or witness via video camera. Some might like to see their wife having sex or some might just be excited in the buildup. These men enjoy assisting their wives get dressed up for their dates. According to a report, many man preferred to shave their wife’s legs for her, while few said they might make the dinner and hotel reservation for her while getting her a sexy outfit to wear on the date. The rest of them were fascinated in purchasing condoms for her. But as we said, this type of kink is not for everyone. If being a cuckold or hotwife sounds progressive and possibly even empowering, it might not be. Some men into the cuckold/hotwife way of life give the idea that they are selfish it as they are least interested in their wives’ sexual preferences as they love to firmly choreograph their own enjoyment. While some partners won’t like the role they have to portray, some may feel being forced into it.


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