Best Positions for G-Spot Orgasms

Best Positions for G-Spot Orgasms

G-Spot Stimulation


We are always overhearing that we could be having worthier sex, an amazing orgasm, or a healthy relationship. Now, on to today’s topic: the best sex positions for G-spot orgasms. First, a swift briefing for those of you who have not up till now experienced the delights of G-spot play: The G-spot is found on the anterior (the side beneath your belly button) wall of the vagina, about two inches in. It reacts best to steady, constant pressure. There are a lot of contradictory studies about the G-spot, but there is no rejecting the fact that exciting it feels delightful for a lot of females. Here are the six best positions for the best G-Spot orgasm. A vital message: While we are going to use the term of “penis” during the course of this blog, all of the six positions work equally well using a strap-on or fingers.


The Best 6 Positions


  1. Doggy Style

First let’s learn how to do it: Get your partner on her hands and knees, and penetrate from behind while they kneel. The reason it works is the fact that doggy style is perhaps the best pose for hitting the G-spot. A penis is naturally slanting marginally downwards due to the arrangement of your bodies, and it rubs up perfectly against the G-spot as an outcome. Yet if you are not a big G-spot admirer, there is no disagreeing that this position feels fantastic. There are so many entertaining methods to play around with doggy style! Subject to how your heights measure up, you can place few pillows below your partner knees. You can spread her legs further away from each other, or tug them nearer together. Or you can make her kneel on the bed and you stand behind her. You can also change the placement of her arms to change the angle of penetration. You can place them nearer or further away from her legs, or can ask her to go down onto her forearms instead. You can also tryout with the depth of shoving. As the G-spot is pretty near to the entry of the vagina, light thrusting can be massively pleasurable. If you get close to orgasm before she does, you can pull out and rub her G-spot with your fingers in the exact position.

  1. Legs Up

How to do legs up position: Get into missionary position. You should sit up so that you are crouching on your knees. Lift her legs up one at a time and repose her ankles on your shoulders. The reason why it works so effectively is the fact that this position generates really deep, dominant penetration. Having her body curved over backwards makes it a lot easier for you to hit the G-spot. If your partner is not greatly flexible, you can try draping her legs around your waist instead of going all the way up to your shoulders. Or you can place one leg of her on your shoulder and relaxing her other foot level on the bed. You can also try with be situated more upright as opposed to leaning onward and bending your partner over even more.

  1. On Top

It works best when you incline back against the bed rail, supported with few pillows behind your back so that your body is positioned at 45-degree angle. Your partner legs should be on both sides as it provides amazing contact. Being on top provides you command over the excitement, and permits you to discover the position that works best for your partner’s G-spot orgasm. When you are sitting up a little, your penis is pressed back in the direction of your body, which assists in rubbing up against the anterior wall of her vagina.

This top sex position is all about discovering the best angle that works for both of you. Experiment with sitting up or tilting back more. Your partner can also try leaning back a little, which will generate more friction alongside her G-spot.

  1. Spooning

Both of you should be facing the same direction. Preliminary penetration can be slightly complicated in this situation, so you might need to raise your partner’s leg, alter the angle of both of you, or do some wiggling about. Lube can also help a lot too! This position works well because when you are behind your partner, your penis is capable to massage right up against her G-spot. This is a little less penetrating position, and can let both of you to feel intimate and clicked. Just take your time getting the angle just about perfect for amazing fun.

  1. X Marks the Spot

To perform this position, first find a bed or table that is roughly at hip level for you. Let your wife or girlfriend to hop up the bed and watch her go lower down onto her back, with her legs covering over the edge. Stand in the middle of her legs, then lift her legs into the air and arrange them over each other so that they make an X. You can steady her ankles on your shoulders, or you can grasp her legs against your body. The reason it works so effectively is that crossing her legs generates a very compact fit that is certain to satisfying! Being flat on her back will allow the natural rising bend of your erection to thump your penis right against her G-spot.

  1. The Modified Doggy Style

In this position you need to start off in doggy style, and you need to penetrate your partner from behind. Gradually let her lower herself until she is flat on her stomach. You should move along with her, sticking it inside her the entire time. This position hits at all the best angles! You can alter the position by relaxing on your forearms or be positioned up a little on your knees. You can also try spreading her legs or bringing them close.

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